Friday, November 29, 2019

Elijah Moore, urine trouble

The story of yesterday’s “Piss and Miss” game may entertain even people who don’t care about college football.

Mississippi’s Elijah Moore scored a touchdown and celebrated by mimicking a urinating dog. He went down on all fours in the end zone and lifted one leg to the side. This was to mock the rival Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Pantomiming canine urination was not a novel way to celebrate scoring against the Bulldogs. Another Mississippi player had done similarly in 2017. Referees gave Mississippi a 15-yard unsportmanlike conduct penalty for Moore’s obscene and unoriginal display.

The ensuing extra point would tie the game. Kickers nearly always score extra points, and can usually kick them from 15 yards back. But this time, penalized 15 yards, the kicker missed to the right. Mississippi lost 21-20. Moore had pissed away the game.