Thursday, September 27, 2018

My amazing junior colleagues

Since the last time I boasted to you of my junior colleagues at the National University of Singapore, Weng Hong Tang got tenure (congratulations!) and we hired Zach Barnett (also congratulations!) Now we're hiring again, and I want to show you the amazing publication records of the people you'll get to work with if you join us.

Together the four of them have a total of 32 papers at stages from conditionally accepted to published, with 20 appearing in top-10 journals. Their average year-of-PhD is 2016, so they've achieved all this while being collectively only 8 years out of grad school. So apply for our job and join these prolific young philosophers!

Qu Hsueh Ming, NYU 2014
“Hume’s (Ad Hoc?) Appeal to the Calm Passions” (forthcoming) Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie
“Laying Down Hume’s Law” (forthcoming) Pacific Philosophical Quarterly.
“Hume’s Internalist Epistemology in EHU 12” (2018) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
“Hume’s Dispositional Account of the Self” (2017) Australasian Journal of Philosophy
“Hume on Mental Transparency”, (2017) Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
“Hume’s Doxastic Involuntarism” (2017) Mind
“Prescription, Description, and Hume’s Experimental Method” (2016) The British Journal for the History of Philosophy 
“The Title Principle (or lack thereof) in the Enquiry” (2016) History of Philosophy Quarterly 
“Hume’s Positive Argument on Induction” (2014) Nous
“Hume’s Practically Epistemic Conclusions?” (2014) Philosophical Studies
“The Simple Duality: Humean Passions” (2012) Canadian Journal of Philosophy

Bob Beddor, Rutgers 2016
“The Toxin and the Dogmatist” (conditionally accepted) Australasian Journal of Philosophy
“Modal Virtue Epistemology” with Carlotta Pavese (forthcoming) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
“Might do Better: Flexible Relativism and the QUD” with Andy Egan (forthcoming) Semantics and Pragmatics
“Noncognitivism and Epistemic Evaluations” (forthcoming) Philosophers’ Imprint
“Subjective Disagreement” (forthcoming) Noûs
“Believing Epistemic Contradictions” with Simon Goldstein (2018) Review of Symbolic Logic
“Justification as Faultlessness” (2017) Philosophical Studies
“Process Reliabilism’s Troubles with Defeat” (2015) The Philosophical Quarterly
“Evidentialism, Circularity, and Grounding” (2015) Philosophical Studies

Abelard Podgorski, USC 2016
“Normative Uncertainty and the Dependence Problem” (forthcoming) Mind
“Wouldn't it be Nice? Moral Rules and Distant Worlds” (2018) Nous
“Rational Delay” (2017) Philosophers’ Imprint 
“Dynamic Conservatism” (2016) Ergo
“A Reply to the Synchronist” (2016) Mind
“Dynamic Permissivism” (2016) Philosophical Studies 

Zach Barnett, Brown 2018
“Philosophy Without Belief” (forthcoming) Mind
“Belief Dependence: How Do the Numbers Count?” (forthcoming) Philosophical Studies 
“Tolerance and the Distributed Sorites” (forthcoming) Synthese
“No Free Lunch: The Significance of Tiny Contributions” (2018) Analysis
“Fool Me Once: Can Indifference Vindicate Induction?” with Han Li (2018) Episteme
“Conciliationism and Merely Possible Disagreement” with Han Li (2016) Synthese